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Join me on this adventure as I explain my back story and the powerful “why” as to the reasoning that lead to the jumpstart of my business and the great services we provide!

I was previously working at Plainfield Health Care at the time where my oldest son Dylan was going through chemo therapy. My newborn Brayden had to go back and forth every week to Riley Hospital for various things around his spina bifida. I was missing a lot of work for both of their appointments, and knew that even after Dylan finished his chemo therapy… Brayden would still need me to be there for him for years to come as he was dealing with his own health situation.

It was around this time that an individual had made a life changing suggestion to me expressing that I need to begin my own cleaning business! Having my own business has given me the freedom to set my own schedule and flexibility to make time for the kids. I was able to take Brayden to each of his appointments weekly while simultaneously cleaning houses during the rest of the week.

As Brayden got older, the appointments weren’t as frequent. But the freedom that my business model continues to provide me has given me more than I could ever imagine and makes me feel grateful with a lot of aspects that will never be taken for granted. It allowed me to take my kids on vacations during school breaks and make every single sports practice for the kids. Most importantly, whenever Braden did have a surgery or an appointment, I could easily would my schedule around it.

If it were not for my company, I would not have been able to be as present for my kids and I am so thankful to God for what is has allowed me to do. I hope my determination in life shows through in the quality of work I provide for each of my clients.

— Holly Taylor

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