Choosing Post-Construction Cleanup Experts

Key Questions That You Must Ask When Hiring Construction Cleaners  

Cleaning up a construction site can be a difficult and challenging task, which is why it’s advisable to hire post-construction cleanup specialists instead of using the DIY approach. However, not all cleaners offer the same level of service, which is why you should look for the right experts to hire. You can find the ideal construction cleaners by asking these questions:

Are you insured?

The answer has to be “Yes”. Cleaning a construction area is dangerous, and accidents can happen at any given moment. However, if your cleaning contractor is fully insured, you won’t have to worry since they can shoulder the liability if ever bodily injuries or property damage would occur.

How long have you been in business?

Mastering construction cleaning techniques requires plenty of practice and training. Because of this, you should ensure that your construction cleaner has extensive experience in the industry. This way, you’ll put your cleaning needs in the hands of specialists who have the skills to meet your expectations and provide you with great results.

Can you provide five references or more?

Reputable cleaning companies are always ready to provide their references since they know that their customers are satisfied with their work and will put in a good word for them. So, before hiring construction cleaners, don’t forget to obtain a list of their references. Ask for at least five references and make sure to verify them by giving each person a call. By doing so, you’ll find out if they’re satisfied with the construction cleaning services that they have received and if they can happily recommend the contractor to their friends or neighbors.

Find the best possible construction cleaners in your area by asking the questions listed above! If you’re in Indianapolis, IN, there’s no need to look far since Taylor Cleaning is here to assist you. Give us a call now at (317) 520-3329 to know more about our post-construction cleanup services and book an appointment with our team!